Milling hardened steels from 55-70 HRc with VHC technology

1. No EDM is required (milling is much faster)
2. Polishing can be minimized
3. One single clamping, so it is easier to achieve accurate results

Different strategies possible:

HPM (High Performance Machining) HSM (High Speed Machining)
  • High cutting speed (Vc)
  • Large cutting depth (Ap)
  • Small cutting width (Ae)
  • Medium feed per tooth (Fz)/ Table feed (Vf)
  • High cutting speed (Vc)
  • Small cutting depth (Ap)
  • Small cutting width (Ae)
  • High feed per tooth (Fz) / Table feed (Vf)


  • Use a rigid milling machine and clamping method
  • Try to minimize entering and exiting the workpiece
  • Use minimum lubrication or oil-mist-spray

Van Hoorn Carbide’s leading technology for hardened materials (55-70 Hrc): :

  • 2 Flute Ballnose geometry VHPK
  • 4 Flute Torus geometry VHPT
  • Multiple Flute VHPM
  • Multiple Flute with corner radius VHPMR


  • Coating consisted of multiple layers
  • Nano structure
  • Extreme hardness
  • Longer tool life

Depending on the workpiece, different strategies can be chosen. Chip removal and coolant in such applications are crucial.