Special process mills

For special applications such as hole machining and sealing surfaces, we have a selection of unique tools, like circular surface end mills, drills, reamers and precision fit end mills. Can we support you with the right tool selection? Our application engineers are ready for you.


– VHXF: One tool is suitable for many different fittings
– VHS: Sealing surface end mills fits for a great range of materials; aluminium, stainless steel, PMMA, titanium, peek and many more. The milling tool to machine sealing surfaces! Traditional sealing surface applications will be finished manually. Our innovation results in time efficiency and personel cost reduction.
– VHDS: Our program has been extended by pilot drills, as pre-treatment for the treaded holes which can be applied with our VHTM range of thread mills. With this supplementation we have completed our package of tools for the purpose of hole machining in a wide range of materials.
– VHSR: The Van Hoorn Carbide program has been extended with the VHM-reamers with helix for hole tolerance H7. The TiAIN coating of our reamers guarantees high
cutting performances and long tool life when machining various materials up to 55 Hrc.

VHS: application area: Producing circular surfaces for high-end products

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