New innovations

Innovations that matter, that really make the difference. We are proud to present our new innovative programs. Our technical engineers are ready to support you. Our tools are the next step to productivity!

Advantages of our new innovations:

No challenge is impossible for our new parabolic milling cutters. These cutters have been developed for smooth surfaces with 3D shapes. Due to its unique geometry, this parabolic milling cutter will significantly reduce your process time.

You can count on:

– good surface quality

– shorter cycle time

– stable and long service life

New programs for maximum productivity: 

– VHPBCA and VHPBTA: Parabolic program developed for non-ferrous materials

– VHPBTR and VHPBCR: Parabolic program developed for materials such as steel, stainless steels and superalloys

The perfect solution for complex forms.

Curious about this program?
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