New innovations

Innovations that matter, that really make the difference. We are proud to present our new innovative programs. Our technical engineers are ready to support you. Our tools are the next step to productivity!

Advantages of our new innovations:

  • Circular surface without post-processing possible
  • Milling precision fits fast and flexible
  • Wide range of thread mills up to 5xD depth
  • Reducing production time and tooling costs

New programs for maximal productivity:

  • VHS: sealing mills suitable for a large number of materials
  • VHXF: accurate tolerances for very precise fits, up to 5xD depth
  • VHTM: generates a very accurate and stable process
  • VHTMM: inside- but also outside thread possible

A selection of our new innovations: thread mills, circular surface mills and mills to create very accurate precision fits.