Non ferrous / Aluminium

With a number of superior end mills for applications on non-ferrous and aluminium materials, we prove our strength every day. We have extended the possibilities with the VHAD and VHLA in standard 3xD and 5xD.


  • All round end mills
  • High material removal rates and a smooth surface finish
  • Polished flutes for optimized chip evacuation


  • Multiple uses
  • Milling, drilling and ramping at the same feed rate
  • Excellent chip flow; high material removal rates
  • Burr free operations

Application demands on non ferrous and aluminium:                 

  • Large chipping volumes, optimized geometry and internal cooling: VHRAI
  • Burr-free or thin wall applications: VHLAW and VHLA in 2 and 3 flute
  • Operation flexibility: VHKE
  • The new standard in aluminium end mills: VHAD

Additional geometries for micro milling: 

  • Micro sharp end mill geometry: VHMA
  • Micro ballnose geometry: VHMAK

End mills of aluminium… an absolute strength.