High volume milling or roughing?

Van Hoorn Carbide designed a program of HVM or roughing on a wide spectrum of applications and materials: steels up to 50 HRc, alloy steels, tools steels, stainless steels, carbon steel, cast iron as well as materials that contain Chrome (Cr) of Nickel (Ni).


  • Smooth cutting
  • Optimized surface finish
  • High feed rate capabilities
  • Reduction of operation times and tooling costs
  • Slot milling up to 1,5xD
  • Side milling: Ae=0,45xD with Ap=2xD

VHC high volume milling and roughing:

  • VHVF: Sharp corner geometry
  • VHVFR: Corner radius
  • VHVFF: 3 flute, with chamfer
  • VHRFF: Chamfer with ripper profile
  • VHRS: 4 and 5 flute with corner radius
  • VHTS: Trochoidal end mill with chipbreaker

Additional recommendations to optimize performance: use coolant when available, stable clamping of tool and workpiece and use correct cutting conditions based on VHC application guidelines.