Probusclub Weert visits Van Hoorn Carbide.

On Tuesday the 28th of November 2016 we welcomed the members of Probusclub Weert at Van Hoorn Carbide.

Starting at ten o’clock in the morning, the members were greeted by production manager Marc Lutgens. The 22 professional business guests could get comfortable with a cup of coffee or tea and with a delicious piece of cake.

After this warm welcome our guest were taken to our presentation area, where Mr Lutgens provided them with more information about Van Hoorn Carbide, our history and our future. This presentation was followed by a tour of the building, where we went over the entire process of producing and selling end mills.

Eventually the members of the Probusclub could enjoy a lunch with soup and different kinds of sandwiches, provided by Paul Silvertand, owner of Silverlicious Catering. A successful morning and afternoon, according to our guests!

We would like the members of Probusclub Weert for their enthusiasm and visit.

See you next time!




All ears

Er werd aandachtig geluisterd.

Marc Lutgens explains


During the tour


A delicious lunch